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A dark, dark day that ended with hope.

Richard and I NEVER again want to go through a day like we experienced yesterday. It was Friday and it was CRUNCH time! Hannah was due to be released and we had NO solution. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place. We knew she could not come home and we also knew that we didn’t want to put her in the hands of CPS but what other option did we have? Back when Hannah’s original... read more

Another LONG 8 hours in the ER!

Here’s how my yesterday afternoon went! After lunch we took a golf cart ride as I had to deliver something. Hannah was sat in the front. She did not want Caleb and his friend, Eli, to come but they were sat in the back. Hannah started winding up. On the way back the boys wanted to go the back trail and up through the woods so I did. Hannah was NOT happy. She was getting really aggravated with the... read more

Hannah update

Hannah came home from Lakeland last Friday evening around 9:30pm which was very late for her. Saturday everyone was kind of walking on tiptoes not knowing how things were going to go. Did Hannah enjoy her time at Lakeland? NO! She told us the other girls picked on her and bullied her. That was actually giving her a taste of her own medicine! Hannah was VERY tired along with being VERY bored during the day... read more

A LONG day in the ER

I spent 8 1 /2 hours in the ER today! No, there was nothing physically wrong with me! Over the years I have shared some of Hannah’s story with you. Since the beginning of the year both us, her therapists and psychiatrist have seen Hannah going backwards rather than forwards in her behavior patterns. It has been extremely frustrating for all involved. Hannah knows how to behave. She has an amazing... read more

Hannah Update 1.1

6 months post diagnosis, I thought it was time to give you an update. Hannah has been in weekly therapy in order to help her learn better social skills and the importance of making the right choices. Her therapist is young and enthusiastic, here in Branson and Hannah loves to visit her each week. Has this been an easy 6 months? NO! When we first started seeing the therapist, Hannah was deliberately... read more

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