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Acrobatic Hovis

3 pictures in this post.  Who needs to go watch a show when you have Hovis? Okay, I am just joking as the shows here in Branson are excellent. HOWEVER several months ago Richard made Hovis an outdoor perch not for us to leave her outside unattended but rather one that she can sit on when we are outside with her. At first she didn’t like it and/or was scared of it. Richard finally enticed her on to... read more

Hovis at The Landing

2 photos in this post.  Having not been down to the Branson Landing for quite some time, today was the day! We had to return books to the library first and of course, take out new ones but from there The Landing is just a short drive away. I had no idea it was quite as warm as it was until we were on our way home and saw that it was 91F, hottest day of the year so far. No wonder Hovis was panting but she... read more

Hovis turned 1 on April 19th!

This time last year we had NO clue that in just over 3 weeks we would be bringing home a 4 week old Scarlet Macaw! LOL! Not only did Hovis turn 1 on April 19th but we also celebrated a year living in the fifth wheel! Any regrets? No! Sometimes we still have to pinch ourselves to ensure that we are indeed living this dream. None of us have any desire to go back to the farm although we definitely miss being... read more

Hovis at The Badlands

5 photos in this post.  Hovis has not enjoyed the days in the last few weeks when it has been damp and cold. Although she would go outside it was not long before she was shivering and wanting to be back in. Today was a different matter! She wanted to be outside first thing as the sun was shining and it was warm. Richard took her out before breakfast as the kids were already outside playing and then of... read more

Hovis at Lookout Pass

Stopping at the rest area on Lookout Pass, Montana yesterday, it was time to stretch our legs. Of course that meant that Hovis had to get out of the truck also to stretch her wings! What would she think of the snow? She loved it just like she does the rain. Flap, flap, flap. Her bright adult plumage is beginning to come through. She has been molting pretty badly recently but the snowy background really... read more

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