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6″ of snow!

There are five pictures in this post. First the ice crystals came from the sky and then it snowed all night so we awoke this morning to white! This is the first real snow of the season so can’t complain. The picture above is of Duke on the road outside our house. After breakfast we headed out to feed the pigs, chickens and stallions at Mark and Pat’s. The paved roads, although plowed, were... read more

Miss Olivia is still going strong!

Our friend Marcus came home from the hospital yesterday but has still not fully regained his strength. Our friends and us continue to feed the animals. Olivia was one of our favorite pigs when she lived here on the farm. We brought her with us when we moved from Montana to Missouri. She was a young pig then and is still going! (Olivia was born in November 2009 so she is over 5 years old.) She continues to... read more

Eight pints of lard!

Haven’t done much more with the photos as been busy cutting up the pork. Richard was at work on Saturday so I cut up Mr. Piggy-Wig by myself along with making 18lbs of sausage. Took most of the day but I got it done. We were out of plain salt for the bacon so Richard brought some home with him and helped me clean out the refrigerator on Sunday. (That was a real blessing!) It was the first big clean... read more

While the turkeys strut, we work!

LOL! All those Tom turkeys do all day is gobble and strut their stuff. In between them all was a chicken resting in the shade:) Good job Richard and I are not like the Toms else nothing would get done around here! We had an enjoyable couple days away and came back determined to do get some “house work” done! Richard wrote a long list last week of stuff that we wanted/needed to accomplish here.... read more

Visiting some of “our” pig family!

OK, so they are not our pigs anymore but friends of ours have pigs that they purchased from us quite sometime back when we were still ‘playing’ with crossbreeds as well as the purebreds. The pigs have done really well for them but one of them had a bad ear today so we went to check her out. Lily does have some ear mites and her piglets have dragged her down a but so today was weaning day.... read more

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