Please pray for Hannah and Richard

Just over a week ago Hannah discovered a lump on her back. Staff at the residential facility took her to Urgent Care who immediately referred her back to Shriners where she had her scoliosis surgery performed last August. They saw her last Tuesday and determined through blood tests that Hannah had a major infection going on. Richard and I received the call on Wednesday to say that surgery was scheduled for today! It was a bit of a shock! The lump was in the middle of her back and the size of a lemon so VERY uncomfortable for her.

Whilst we all went up to St. Louis in August for her surgery that was not possible this time. Richard picked her up yesterday and off they went. Hannah had surgery late this afternoon. The surgeon told Richard it had been there a LONG time, obviously just lingering. Alas it had attacked the titanium rods in her back in one place so ALL the hardware had to be removed! The good news is that the surgeon does not think he will have to replace it as the spine is fusing as it should. Shriners is working with St. Louis Children’s Hospital who is growing a culture from her infection over the next 48 hours. Once they determine on Thursday what type of infection she has, they will then determine the course of treatment.

On Thursday Hannah will go back into surgery so that the the surgeon can look at the condition of her back in more detail. He wasn’t able to do that today as there was too much blood being pumping to that area trying to fight the infection off. He may be able to stitch Hannah up on Thursday but has warned Richard that it will probably be Monday before he does! For now she has a wound vac on keeping everything clean.

SO I know Hannah would really appreciate your prayers. This is rough on her. Richard, obviously, would also rather be spending his days doing something else and the rest of us left down here will be running the business without his help.

I am blessed to have Michelle, Daniel and Caleb helping me 🙂



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  1. Donna says:

    Hannah has been in my prayers for a very long time now. This is a minor setback and the lord has such great plans for her. Peace be with Richard and all the family during this time.

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