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Iris moves to a new home!

An end of an era for us today. Richard came off of a 72 hour shift this morning so when he came home he went straight to bed. Those 72’s are rough! This afternoon he took the tractor out in the pastures to see if he could find the ram. Nothing! We then needed to butcher the injured wether. Did not want to waste the meat and knew he was not going to recover. Sadly we soon discovered that his injured... read more

More snow!

With more snow falling yesterday it was another white day outside that greeted us this morning. Looked pretty though! It actually got above freezing this afternoon and with the sun shining it truly was a beautiful day. Here are Carly and Boris, now six weeks old. They have done really well. We are going to sell them as we do not want to be bothered with trying to keep them separate from their parents.... read more

Carly and Boris update!

I am glad to report that the twin lambs are doing fantastic! Once Carly gained her strength and some gumption, she started feeding off of Iris regularly. I think Iris was a little lopsided and sore for the first couple days as only one lamb was feeding off of her but now all is as it should be. We continued checking on Carly and taking out a bottle until yesterday when she just took a few mouthfuls and... read more

Twin Lambs!

Went out to the barn yesterday morning to discover that Iris had had twins! This is the first time since we have had her that she has produced twins. Up until now she has always given us a single ram. As you may be able to see from the picture, one lamb was much bigger than the other. The ram lamb was up running around when I went out there. The little ewe lamb (left), whom Hannah has called Carly, was... read more

Sunshine! Yee Haa!

With December being a decidedly dreary month with only about 5 days of sun, we are all rejoicing in the beautiful blue skies that have now appeared along with the cold front. As you can see, even the sheep, who were “hiding” yesterday due to the wind, are now out enjoying grass instead of hay. They have a big hay bale to chew on in the barn if the weather is too yucky for them to go out in and... read more

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