Hannah’s Scoliosis

We have known for a long time that Hannah had scoliosis.  (Her birthmother also had it.) In the past we have taken her for x-rays to make sure it was being kept in check. At that time the degree of the scoliosis was only 19%, and the doctor just told us to keep an eye on it as they do not do anything if it is under 20%. We all visit the chiropractor regularly and he said that regular adjustments could help keep it in check. In fact it was our chiropractor in West Plains who first advised us to get Hannah’s back checked out!

Fast forward to this past Monday. The nurse practitioner at the facility where Hannah is staying had made an appointment for Hannah to go up to Shriners Children’s Hospital in St. Louis. We decided that Richard would take her up there so Hannah and he had a long day. Alas, Hannah’s scoliosis has progressed rapidly and is now at 67%! Yes, a MASSIVE increase in curvature as you can see from this x-ray of her spine.

SO, Hannah is now scheduled for major back surgery on August 2nd. She will have titanium rods, screws etc. put in her back. We have been told it is a 5 hour surgery and that she will be in the hospital for 4 days. The doctor is confident that, due to her age, Hannah will recover really well and have no issues. She will also immediately gain 1-2 inches in height. We are planning on pulling the fifth wheel to a campsite nearby so that Richard and I can tag team being with Hannah. (St. Louis is a good 4 1/2 hours from here!)

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