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Cows of all shapes and sizes

Sunday was Daniel’s 14th birthday! Incredible! Like Richard said, we have never regretted one day of our decision to adopt him. He is very dear to us and growing up to be a great young man. The weather was nice enough for us to play cards outside and Daniel won! Richard has been letting him drive around the fields recently. (Yes, it will only be another year before he gets his driver’s... read more

The Right Decision

Isn’t is nice when you make a decision that you know is right only to have it confirmed by someone else? This morning, the butcher came out to process Lady. We do not have big enough equipment here to process a cow & so are blessed to have someone that will come out to the farm, do all the skinning, gutting etc & then haul the carcass off to the processors. This ensures that there is never... read more

Happy Cows

I love to see contented animals out in the pasture – ones that have plenty of grass to eat & do not look stressed. Sadly today, due to some of the world’s intensive farming methods, that is not always the case. However this week as we have walked many footpaths shared with the animals, all the animals have just looked at us as we have passed them & carried on eating, looking very... read more

Drying up Lady Longlashes

We think (hope) that Lady is pregnant & due to calf in July sometime. She was with Douglas for several months before we sold him so no reason why she should not be pregnant BUT time will tell. We have been wrong before! However, it is always advised to dry a cow up at least 2 mths before her due date & with us getting ready to go to England I want to make sure that she is all dried up before we... read more

Millie & Tilly!

A little late with this announcement….. Millie had a heifer calf on Monday! (Feb 25th) Tilly is a sweet little thing & of course it is very exciting that she is a heifer. However that is as far as the excitement goes. We caught Millie on Monday and Tilly & her came up to the milking area so that we could milk Millie. All was fine. Tuesday it was snowing like mad & Millie ran off down the... read more

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