Our first trip out of TL in 2 years!

2 photos in this post.

It felt good to be back out on the road again with the fifth wheel! The last time was in August 2019 when we went to Montana to visit Michael and the family. Since then, we have just moved around Treasure Lake which has truly been a great place to be during COVID but getting out farther afield is good for a change. It’s been a tiring week getting ready for this trip as neither of us were really looking forward to it. I had to do a LOT of cleaning as the store i.e. product had kind of taken over. It still beat me as I didn’t get it all picked up but it looks much better than before and I WILL get it finished this week whilst we are away! (Hope you hear the determination in my voice!)

Due to the situation, we had to hire a car so that Richard could drive Hannah in that whilst Caleb and I were in the truck pulling the camper. SO thankful the heat has died down. We made it to our campsite. Richard took over and backed the camper like a pro. It was a tight spot. I was VERY impressed! He helped set up and then left with Hannah to go stay in a hotel. They have to be at the hospital by 6am. Caleb and I are going to go to the zoo tomorrow.

Hannah hadn’t seen Hovis in nearly 8 months. Hovis had not forgotten her which was nice. Once we arrived here Hannah was able to take her, and show her to some people. If this trip doesn’t make Hannah realize all she is missing out on, I don’t know what will! Hannah has been really playing up at the residential facility recently and up until now, made it very clear that she is happy where she is. She was also very excited to be taking this trip though! Giving credit where it is due however, Caleb and she gave each other a big hug today. This was the first time they had seen each other in person since she left. (Richard had drilled it into her that she HAD to be nice as we had an incident via Zoom a couple weeks ago when she was not!)

Caleb was excited to discover a pool that he could jump in! The water was pretty warm too.

So, that’s been our day. I will update you on how surgery goes later tomorrow or the next day.



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