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Bella & Carina on their way to California

  A few weeks ago a gentleman contacted me about adopting an Irish Setter. Richard & I discussed this & decided that Carina would be much better living where there are no birds. We have lost count on the number of chicks she has killed & she constantly chases them. SO we offered Robert & his family Carina and then asked where he was located. I have said this many times, but I do not... read more

Updated Puppy Pics

Here you go! I know some of you are dying to see what the puppies look like now. They are HANDSOME! There are still 3 boys here that need to find a good home – although we love them we really do not need or want 4 puppies. Just keeping Carina the little girl. Here’s one puppy: Here are two puppies giving Michelle kisses: This pic is of Carina (left) & Mox hiding behind the slide. The kids... read more

Just three puppies left

Can you believe it? The puppies were 8 weeks old yesterday. Due to us heading to Great Falls we were able to take one puppy (Sammy Lou) with us to meet her new owners. She will be very much loved & adored in her new home – a great match. Jake’s (sire) owners came to pick up their puppy (Edward) today & also one for their mom. That puppy is headed all the way to Kentucky. Another gal... read more

Bath Night :)

If you have never raised puppies you may not know how dirty they are! Unlike a cat that you can train to a litter box, puppies go EVERYWHERE! We do have disposable puppy mats down but even so they seem quite happy to go elsewhere, walk & roll in it. SO tonight it was time for their first bath. Richard was cleaning the utility room where they are living so Michelle & I, along with Daniel’s... read more

Puppy pictures :)

The puppies will be 5 weeks old on Monday & are getting into all sorts of mischief. Whenever we go out there, they come running. They are doing really well. Hard to get a pic of them all together so here are 3 resting after lunch. This little gal was purchased today so has a new home to look forward to: Will we have any boots or shoes left at the end of 8 weeks! LOL! Playing & sleeping: Enjoy... read more

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