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The World’s Largest Toy Museum, Branson, MO

5 photos in this post.   If you want to reminisce or just be wowed by the quantity of toys in this museum, this is one place you do not want to miss when you are in Branson. With humble beginnings this, the World’s Largest Toy Museum, is located on one campus but in several buildings (six to be precise) and levels. There is SO much to see! (Their website says there are over one million toys there!)... read more

MT – Day 48 – Custer’s Last Stand

For all you history buffs, you will know that Custer’s Last Stand took place at the Battle of the Little Bighorn (Little Bighorn Battlefield) in Montana. Whilst we have driven by this several times, this was the first time we stopped. Having talked to the lady at the campground where we spent the night, she advised us NOT to take our rig but to leave it parked for as long as we wanted and just go in... read more

MT – Day 44 – Whitefish Depot

3 photos in this post. The truck was in need of a service earlier this week before we started our trek home. The nearest Ram dealership was in Whitefish so we all headed in that direction on Tuesday morning. They had told us to leave it with them all day so we had made plans to explore Whitefish. The dealership has a shuttle service so a nice gentleman dropped us down at the Whitefish Train Depot per our... read more

MT – Day 36 – Tim’s Fish and Chips, Creston, BC

Here’s the picture you have all been waiting for when we visited Tim’s Fish and Chips: This is just ONE plate of Cod and Chips. (Halibut is available but more expensive.) The three piece is actually SIX pieces with unlimited chips. The five of us ate THREE plates – 18 pieces of fish and the chips. We did not need to ask for anymore chips. Whilst not cheap (approx. $25 Canadian per plate)... read more

MT – Day 36 – Fort Steele, BC

11 photos in this post. Wanting the children to have experience crossing the border and spending a different currency, earlier this week we headed north into British Columbia, Canada. First stop Fort Steele, just a few miles northeast of Cranbrook, two and a half hours from Kalispell. We made good time with the drive and arrived about 15 minutes before they even opened. The kids had a chance to say... read more

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