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Photo Shoot – Caleb

It is hard to believe that Caleb turned 5 last Sunday! Where has that time gone? It just seems like yesterday that we got that call on the Saturday before Thanksgiving asking us if we were interested in a baby boy that had been born the previous Tuesday. The social worker told us she would call us back in 30 minutes. When, after about 4 hours, we had not heard from her, we decided to call her back. Why... read more

Caleb helps make the cheese

All the kids love to help in the kitchen. As they came in today I was separating the curds from the way for the cheese. Caleb grabbed the spoon & decided to help me get the last few dregs. Very proud of himself 🙂 Lady Longlashes didn’t make it to three days the first time. We had to milk her on Sunday as she was SO full BUT she did make it three days to today so this morning we got about 4 1/2... read more

A graduation!

This past Sunday found us at Silver Dollar City for the first time this year! It was glorious weather but that was not the cause of the excitement. Caleb has now grown to be over 36″ tall so is eligible to ride on the bigger “little kid” rides! He was pretty proud of himself as were we! The first “bigger” ride he went on was the Ladybugs which is a ‘kid only’... read more

Caleb starts school :)

Caleb is a bright, mischievous spark! Over the last few months he has watched Richard & I homeschooling both Daniel & Hannah and once I started to do some painting with them he wanted to join in. SO this week I figured it was time for him to start doing his own “school” work. Of course it is very basic stuff but it makes him feel very grown up 🙂 Here he is gluing the spots on a... read more

Caleb’s Adoption Finalization today :)

Caleb is now officially named Caleb Alexander Pomeroy. We were back in court this morning, this time for a happy situation although still a little nerve wracking as we both had to take the witness stand. BUT all went well & here is the pic with the judge. As you can see, Caleb was more interested in staring at the judge than at the camera! Liz read more

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