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Cows of all shapes and sizes

Sunday was Daniel’s 14th birthday! Incredible! Like Richard said, we have never regretted one day of our decision to adopt him. He is very dear to us and growing up to be a great young man. The weather was nice enough for us to play cards outside and Daniel won! Richard has been letting him drive around the fields recently. (Yes, it will only be another year before he gets his driver’s... read more

Barn Cleaning Week

3 pictures in this post. I did something this past week that I had never done before: I dusted the barn! No, I didn’t take my feather duster down there but I did take my broom. Why on earth would you dust a barn, you ask? An unused barn, without chickens flapping around, tends to get dusty and this past week was the week we determined to work on not just cleaning but fixing. Each afternoon, after... read more

The kittens are still here!

First photo by Hannah, the next three by Caleb. Bustop and Brownie have wangled their way into everyone’s hearts! Hannah was originally going to call the black and white cat Snow White but then Richard told her it was a boy! Bustop was the name of a cat in a story she read in case you’re wondering where that name came from. He is VERY friendly, always wanting attention. Brownie, a girl, is not... read more

Geese antics!

3 photos taken by Daniel in this post. Hannah and Caleb brought the big gray tub up from the barn and filled it with water to sit/play in. Of course they didn’t leave it clean for very long and were soon adding mud! Joys! When the kids got fed up with that game, the geese decided to hop in! Is this true love as the gander and his girl look into each other’s eyes? Since having their goslings... read more

Iris moves to a new home!

An end of an era for us today. Richard came off of a 72 hour shift this morning so when he came home he went straight to bed. Those 72’s are rough! This afternoon he took the tractor out in the pastures to see if he could find the ram. Nothing! We then needed to butcher the injured wether. Did not want to waste the meat and knew he was not going to recover. Sadly we soon discovered that his injured... read more

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