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Animals on our trip to Alaska

We started with a Pick Up of American Shetland ponies in Nebraska late on Monday evening. I was imagining horses the size of the Shetland ponies from Scotland so got quite a shock to see these ponies. They were quite a bit bigger & looked a lot different than the “regular” Shetland pony in my mind from childhood. All loaded well. We put the stallion in first at the front: From there we... read more

Horse Creek Ranch, Hunters, WA

Fast forward for a few minutes to today. You’re probably wondering how I am able to get all these blog posts done & drive. Well I am not! Yesterday we came to Horse Creek Ranch, Hunters, WA to drop off Benz for Steve & Francesca. We had picked Benz up in Wasilla, AK. He was a pleasure to have on board – such a gentleman. Of course Francesca was not surprised as he used to be her horse!... read more

What a beautiful sight :)

Our job from MO to CO was taking 5 horses to their new home. There were 4 mares & 1 gelding. They traveled well but of course were glad to be out of the trailer. I took this picture less than a minute after the last one disembarked. I love to see horses running but these were extra special. We often tell folks that when their horses travel with us they do not get stiff joints/muscles as we make... read more

Cameron, the Great Dane

We have the pleasure of transporting some very interesting animals on our travels and this last time was no exception. We picked Cameron up in Idaho & brought him back to Missouri. He was a 2 year old Great Dane. BIG! But what a total sweetheart. He is the new service dog for Cathy. Here is a picture of him with Michelle: Of course there was no room for him to travel in the truck so he was in his own... read more

Casey Jones Old Country Store & Restaurant PLUS Train Museum in Jackson, TN

Need a good place to eat? (Yes I am home BTW 🙂 ) On Thursday as we were driving through Tennessee we saw several billboards advertising the Casey Jones Old Country Restaurant Buffet. As it was lunchtime I decided that this was the place to go! We were NOT disappointed. The buffet was HUGE with a great selection and what a very unique place. We did not have time to go to the Train Museum but still enjoyed... read more

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