Surgery was cancelled!

Richard and Hannah arrived at the hospital this morning to learn that the surgery was cancelled due to the surgeon having COVID! They had to wait around for a while but were then given a new date of August 30th. Richard brought Hannah back here to get breakfast and then he headed back down the road to Springfield to take her back. We had decided to stay here until Thursday as everything was already paid for. As Caleb and I arrived at the zoo we received the call that surgery was now going to be next Monday, August 9th! Apparently the surgeon is out of quarantine on Sunday.

The thought of towing the camper back and forth for just 3 nights was not appealing. Way too much hassle and expense SO we are now going to stay up here for an extra week! (Thankfully the campground was able to accommodate us!) Going to use the week for some R&R. There are plenty of places to visit around here!

Poor Hannah was obviously upset about the cancellation but is feeling better now that she knows it is next week and not in 4 weeks. Richard arrived back here around 6pm. In the meantime Caleb and I had a GREAT day at the zoo. If you have never been to the St. Louis Zoo it is pretty big but well laid out. We did a lot of walking but also took the train, saw the sea lion show, petted stingrays etc. Too tired to post more pics now!

Take care,


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