A Hannah Update

Apologies for not being back in touch sooner. It has been a VERY busy week! SO glad to have three kids i.e. Michelle, Daniel and Caleb helping me at the store 🙂 Hannah had surgery last Tuesday and alas the metal was corroded in one place so it had to ALL be removed. They did NOT stitch Hannah fully up at that point, just put in three big stitches and packed her back with antibacterial foam. I would show you a picture but if you are squeamish you would not be happy with me!

Hannah went back into surgery on Thursday. (She has had to have 3 blood infusions this week as well!) The surgeon was hoping that the spine was fused enough that he would not have to put the rod back in. Once again, this was not to be. Whilst her spine has fused in some sections it has not fused in others. SO after heading over to Children’s Hospital on Friday to have the picc line put in and to talk with the Infectious Disease Specialist it has been determined/decided that Hannah will be on IV antibiotics for 2 to 4 weeks. After that she will go on oral antibiotics for 12 weeks. 4 to 5 months AFTER that she will go back to Shriners for surgery to replace the rod. In the meantime she has been fitted for a brace which she will have to wear until that surgery months from now.

Tomorrow Hannah will go back into surgery for the last time on this trip and be stitched up. From there she will go to a different hospital for however long she has to be on the IV antibiotics. Only after that is finished will she come back to Springfield. SO the saga is definitely not over. Richard says that this week has worn Hannah out which is understandable. However she realizes that it is likely due to her behavior – picking her scar – that the infection got in so whilst it naturally itches and irritates (we are talking a LONG scar), she is NOT touching it!

Richard is planning on heading home this week. Running the store last week without him was HARD work! Not to mention that he has other commitments. Hannah understands and we have bought her a flip phone so that she can call us. Obviously we will be in regular contact with the hospital to make sure everything is going as it should.

Thank you SO much for your thoughts and prayers,


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