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Grapes, Grapes, Grapes

Last week we were blessed with the gift of buckets of Concord grapes! What to do with them? As you may know, Concord grapes are not really eating grapes as they have large pips & toughish skins but have a wonderful flavor. Last year we had purchased 100lbs of organic Concord grapes & made them all into juice. This year I decided to try my hand at making grape jelly. Yes, a first for me! I know... read more

Hot Chiles :)

We delivered some sheep to our neighbors on Sunday & they gave us a great pile of “green goodies” 🙂 which included peppers, cucumbers & these chiles. I knew we would not get to eat them all before they went soft so got the dehydrator out yesterday & set to work de-seeding & cutting them up. Voila! All dried & ready for use later. Of course we did eat some fresh for lunch... read more

Blackberry Season is here again :)

With just arriving home from England on Monday it has taken us a couple days to catch up with everything. When we took a walk early Wednesday morning the kids spied some blackberries so this morning we (Daniel, Hannah, Caleb & myself) headed out on the first blackberry picking adventure. As I started to write this I looked back on the blog to see when we started picking blackberries last year & it... read more

My seedlings!

With the weather being so cold the seedlings that I planted weeks ago have had to stay inside in smaller pots. Yesterday it warmed up a little so Richard & I emptied some wood off the saw horses in the barn & made a “bench” up on one of the patios by the house. That way I could do some re-potting & the poor seedlings could some real sunshine not just through the glass. I was really... read more

Seeds & Ice

Last year I started planting seeds in March & that was too late as it got hot here very early followed by the drought. A local lady told me I needed to plant earlier so last weekend I did just that. Last year many of the seeds did not do well so I thought I would plant WAY more this year. LOL! Now look at what we have a week later: Loads of seedlings that will soon be ready to go into bigger pots... read more

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