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A bison causing a jam and smiling?!

Bison (buffalo) jams are common at Yellowstone but this particular one bears mentioning. On our last evening in Yellowstone, after watching Old Faithful erupt one more time, the rain was falling steadily and after 3 days in the park we were glad to be heading back to the campsite to prepare for our trip further west the following day. We truly had had the best 3 days in the park as the weather was going... read more

Want to toast a marshmallow with this?

Along the Back Basin Trail at the Norris Geyser Basin we came across this tree! How about that for a giant marshmallow roasting fork? Daniel took the picture so all credit goes to him 🙂 Liz read more

The lake at Treasure Lake by Daniel

4 pictures in this post. I thought I would share some of the photos that Daniel took at the lake. Don’t you just love this close up of a dragonfly? Some of the fish in the lake are HUGE! Turtles abound: Lots of birds around also: Do you think Daniel will be a photographer when he grows up?! Blessings, Liz   read more

A Gorgeous Sunset

Totally amazing! Just look at these colors 🙂 Caught on camera by Daniel. (Posted by Liz) read more