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Geese antics!

3 photos taken by Daniel in this post. Hannah and Caleb brought the big gray tub up from the barn and filled it with water to sit/play in. Of course they didn’t leave it clean for very long and were soon adding mud! Joys! When the kids got fed up with that game, the geese decided to hop in! Is this true love as the gander and his girl look into each other’s eyes? Since having their goslings... read more

No alarm clock needed here!

People think that living in the country is quiet and peaceful. Well, it is if you are thinking about lack of traffic BUT as the mornings get lighter the birds get up earlier. No, I’m not talking about the all the small birds that are singing sweetly in the trees! I’m talking about the ones that are LOUD! The whippoorwill is back for the season and although it is not vocal every day it has an... read more


We came home last week to goslings! Ms. Toulouse had successfully hatched out four, her first time ever and she is 5 years old! Jessie (daughter-in-law) gave her to us when we were still living in Montana. One of the other white geese had hatched out one gosling but we didn’t see that one for a couple of days as she was still sitting on her nest. Later in the week, the gosling decided to adopt Ms.... read more

Snow, Ice and Goose Eggs!

With snow on the ground, the ice came. Saturday morning the roads were lethal as the freezing rain came down! It was supposed to warm up and rain but although it warmed up it did not rain. The snow melted and then froze solid again! We quickly shoveled off our patios so the snow wouldn’t freeze on them but everywhere else is still crunchy. That same morning after feeding our animals I discovered the... read more

New chicks!

A little late in the season but the kids came running in this morning, yelling “Chick! Chick! Chick!” They thought the mama had two but when we just went out to try and grab a picture I saw six chicks! Not sure where this mama raised them as she was not in the main barn but I think it may well have been out in some tall weeds as as soon as she heard us coming she took off running with them so... read more

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