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A race well run!

I was up EARLY yesterday morning (3:30am) and as I was heading to work, Richard had left the radio on a news talk channel which reminded me that it was Queen Elizabeth’s funeral day. In the blur of getting up at an unnatural hour, I had temporarily forgotten! HOWEVER getting up that early turned out to be a blessing. I was able to watch the ENTIRE proceedings, something I would never have had time... read more

Silver Dollar City in the warmth :)

This weekend has been Young Christians Weekend at Silver Dollar City so we were there Friday night for Colton Dixon, yesterday afternoon for Britt Nicole and this morning for church with Matt Maher and others. The park was really crowded yesterday so we didn’t stay to ride any rides. Last year the weather was really cold but this year it was really warm. In fact I forgot to pack the suntan lotion... read more

Spring has sprung!

No, it’s not because some of the trees have budded. Caleb has captured his first lizard. No critter is safe now, Caleb is on the prowl! He has been eagerly waiting for the temperatures to get warm enough to encourage the lizards out of hibernation. Next it will be frogs 🙂 Blessings, Liz read more