A trip down Memory Lane with Hannah!

Howdy folks! I figured it was about time I gave you some updates so you will likely see two posts from me tonight! With COVID restrictions being loosened, Hannah is now allowed off campus for visits with us. We are taking her out for a couple of hours each time we go up. Last time Michelle and I went to see her we took her to Springfield Botanical Gardens. As we drove in, both Michelle and I realized that we had been there before. It drove Michelle nuts trying to figure out why we had been in Springfield in August of 2013 as although she found the blog post, it didn’t really give the reason why! As we thought back, it finally came to us that we had gone to Springfield from the farm for Richard to take a paramedic test.

As Michelle, Hannah and I walked around, Hannah remembered parts of it and then we came to the trees where I had taken a photo back in 2013. The kids were SO little then! Michelle and Hannah climbed up again and posed for this photo.

It was a good visit with Hannah. Whilst she has really not changed, she is doing well and continues to be in a safe place. The therapist does not let her get away with anything and is really beginning to dig deep into why Hannah was behaving like she was towards us. Hannah is now 5′ 7″ so taller than me! Hannah still struggles with boundaries and obeying the authority figures in her life. She does not appreciate the inability to have her own way, and often has to sit at a desk for a length of time until she can be safe again. We all keep reminding her how blessed she is to be where she is so that she can learn to be a responsible and balanced young lady ready to face the world. She is most definitely not at that place yet BUT has incredible opportunity to be so IF she decides she wants to be.

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