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A new job equals a new schedule!

Daniel started a new seasonal job here at Treasure Lake this past Monday. He is working in the maintenance department doing weed whacking. We are thrilled for him as his job at the farm had dried up due to COVID so he was not earning any money. He is now working Monday thru Friday, 7:30am to 4pm and of course he can cycle to work so Richard or I do not have to take him. It is hard work but he is enjoying... read more

Protecting herself from COVID?!

Hee, hee! No! I was making French Onion soup. If you have ever made that you will know that it requires a LOT of onions. Richard and Hannah are very sensitive to cut onions so Hannah figured a pair of swimming goggles might help 🙂 How are you all? Yesterday was the first day I had gone further than Branson since mid-March. Michelle is having a new transmission put in her car and the nearest, most... read more

3 years old and a third anniversary

This past Sunday found Hovis celebrating her 3rd birthday! Not only that but it was our 3rd anniversary as “official” full-timers in this rig. Truly hard to believe that we have been living in this rig for 3 years. Wow! Any regrets? Nope! We still LOVE this lifestyle and our rig. Once in a while some kind natured person will suggest the “perfect” house for our family. I just smile... read more

Crazy Golf on a Sunday evening

Two photos in this post. Just like most of the rest of the country we are under a “Stay-at’home” order. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean that we cannot get out and about for which I am SO thankful. Whilst the main buildings, including the game room, are shut here at Treasure Lake, Caleb was blessed last year to find six golf clubs and numerous golf balls by one of the dumpsters. (Someone... read more

17, a Driver’s Permit and a new set of wheels :)

Daniel made a big step into adulthood this past week. Last Tuesday he passed the test to obtain his driver’s permit. On Wednesday he turned 17 and on Saturday we picked up his “new to him” wheels. SO proud of him. The pick-up truck is a 1999 S10 with over 200,000 miles on it but that’s okay. He saved up the money to purchase it for cash. It belonged to friends of ours so has been... read more

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