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Brrrr…… On our way home :)

I know why we left the frozen north – it is SO cold out there but before I tell you where we are let me update you on the last couple days. Thursday we came across the Mojave Desert in California so did get some of the strong winds. It was a long day, not due to the weather but because we had to get above Sacramento that night in order to be close to pick up on Friday morning. We have kept ourselves... read more

Two Good Samaritans

When we went out to the truck on Tuesday morning at 9am the first thing I noticed was that it was a little chilly (the truck doesn’t like the cold weather) & that we had a flat tire! SO I loaded everyone up, ran back into the hotel to find the nearest tire place & then returned to the truck in order to make our way 1 mile down the road. BUT that was not going to happen. The truck would not... read more

On the road again in Elk City, OK

Well we had a good day yesterday. Left in the cold & cloud but by the time we got to Joplin, MO the skies had cleared and we had clear blue skies all the rest of the way. Stopped in Claremore, OK for lunch. Not stopped there before but it is the birthplace of Will Rogers. Whilst there we also visited a thrift store which wasn’t very big but I did get a book off my Christmas list 🙂 Got to the... read more


Believe it or not I have just finished sorting all the receipts from our last transporting trip. No, I haven’t been working on it for weeks on end, it was just one of those jobs that I really didn’t want to do but found some time today so figured I had better get them sorted. With that came the final mileage which some of you were curious about as was I. In 2001 from January to early September... read more

On our way home :)

You may not understand how good it feels to be going home but I am very much relieved. After some discussion last night Richard & I decided the best course of action was to purchase a “new to us” truck in Ohio & get us & the trailer all home. We looked at a few options but it was late so decided to continue our search this morning. Richard was on Paramedic duty today & got... read more

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