Update on Hannah

I spent yesterday (Tuesday) with Hannah. She was VERY agitated which is nothing new but of course when you have had major surgery, it is not very helpful. Hannah has never been one to leave band-aids or scabs alone. She ALWAYS picks them and this is no different. She managed to pull her bandage (protection) off in two places off her back and also pull out one of her wound drains! The nurse put some extra thick padding and tape on the two open spots and wasn’t bothered about the drain as it was the external one. Later in the day they also removed one of the IV’s leaving just one in her left hand.

The greatest concern yesterday was her blood count. We were told earlier in the day that she would need a blood transfusion of one unit (pint). There turned out to be a delay so it wasn’t until mid afternoon that that was done. The transfusion took two hours. Thankfully they gave her some pain medication which knocked her out so she was calm. The need for a transfusion, which is not uncommon, postponed her getting up and walking yesterday. It also meant that she still had to have her catheter in which has really been bothering her.

Richard was in there today and Hannah was very sleepy. She didn’t have a good night and the meds she is on are pretty strong so she spent most of the day resting. This was probably REALLY good for her due to her wriggling and twisting way too much yesterday. The rules/guidelines for the first 6 weeks after she is discharged are BLT:

No BENDING beyond 90 degrees

No LIFTING more than 5lbs

No TWISTING. She must stand in front of what she wants to pick up etc.

I have NO idea how they are going to get her to follow these rules. Throughout this Hannah has continued to be her usual self and not listen to anyone!

Thursday i.e. tomorrow was supposed to be discharge day, but the nurse told Richard this afternoon that she didn’t think that was going to happen as Hannah still has a drain and catheter in. We will not find out until the morning. We may still be up her for another day!

Someone from our church sent Hannah these flowers. Aren’t they beautiful? Hannah burst into tears when they were delivered.

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