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How are we coping?

Once in a while we get the question asked of us about how we are coping during this long adoption wait. We don’t talk about it much here on the blog simply because we know it can get a little monotonous when someone goes on and on about something. With that said, I think it is time to share a little bit about the 3 1/2 year wait thus far. Maybe our experience will help encourage some of you who are... read more

A visit from the Social Worker

Don’t panic! We are not in trouble! I know the words “social worker” don’t always conjure up a very pleasant thought for some folks. For us, today was the home visit for our homestudy update, needed in order to continue with the adoption process. It was a very pleasant afternoon although I have to admit, draining. You always feel as if you have to open up your lives. Our social... read more

Hodgson Mill

Along with signing up with Lifetime for our next adoption there are several things that we have to do for them, one of which is creating a Profile i.e Photo Album which includes a letter to a Birthmom telling her more about ourselves. Lifetime really likes their adoptive parents to use a Professional Photographer for the picture on the front page but with it being winter here in Missouri, natural beauty... read more

Lifetime Adoption

Many of you know that we have been waiting to do another adoption, actually #4 for us. We had our homestudy completed in March 2012. At that time we did not have the finances to go through an agency etc & had hoped that we would find a baby privately. As always, when we look back we can see that the timing would not have been right last year. However since returning from our vacation we have felt an... read more

Our Adoption Home Study is complete :)

Our social worker & her husband came out on Sunday & handed us our completed Home Study! Whoo Hoo! For those of you not familiar with adoption laws etc no one can adopt without a completed Home Study. In that Home Study are details of each member of the family, proof that our Criminal Background Checks were clean, details on our home and way of life etc, references from family & friends, proof... read more

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