While the turkeys strut, we work!


LOL! All those Tom turkeys do all day is gobble and strut their stuff.


In between them all was a chicken resting in the shade:)


Good job Richard and I are not like the Toms else nothing would get done around here! We had an enjoyable couple days away and came back determined to do get some “house work” done! Richard wrote a long list last week of stuff that we wanted/needed to accomplish here. We have wanted to get it done for a while but with the crazy winter weather and, in all honesty, a lack of motivation it hasn’t been done.

Logically (and hopefully) the adoption and selling of this place is getting nearer so we need the place looking good. Richard started painting the outside doors today. We have four large French (double) doors here and with facing the sun, they are really looking scrappy so Richard took a paint flake yesterday and bought some matching paint. It is already looking better and he has only done one door! Thankfully the windows are metal so we do not have to paint them. I am working on cleaning all the paintwork and doors inside plus sorting stuff as I go. I am still amazed at the amount of stuff we have in this house! To most of you it would probably seem like nothing 🙂

This afternoon we had to go and butcher a pig. Yes, the saying ‘Mad dogs and Englishmen out in the noon day sun’ came to mind again. It was in the 80’s but thankfully there was a breeze. We are very grateful for the meat. Some friends of ours, who raise pigs from ones we sold them, had this blind pig who they had gotten quite attached to as he relied on them to lead him around if somewhere new. They normally take their pigs up to a slaughterhouse to get processed but didn’t want to take this one because they knew he would get really stressed in an unfamiliar place. They also didn’t really want to eat him themselves either so gave him to us. We went up to their farm and there was no stress whatsoever and we now have some yummy pork in the fridge. Kids enjoyed talking to and feeding Olivia again and I gave a couple of the girls a hose down for which they were grateful. I love the way these pigs have such great personalities. If we could have communicated with each other I am sure it would have been a good conversation! Haa!

We sold our big cooler a few weeks ago so had to clear out the refrigerator to get him in! Thankfully we have the small fridge in the camper to put some stuff in.

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  1. SueB says:

    I bet the meat was delicious. We got home yesterday. Always good to get home.

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