We made it!

To say that God’s hand of protection was on us during this latest long drive is an understatement. We ended up leaving home at 3pm yesterday afternoon after eating a Roast Turkey Christmas lunch. With the bad weather coming in we decided there was no point relaxing for the afternoon, we needed to get on the road. 22 hours later we arrived at our destination here in New York and had not seen one flake of snow falling from the sky – it was all behind us! Michelle, who is at home, said that they only ended up getting a smattering down there.

We had called ahead this morning to see if we could deliver the pigs this afternoon instead of tomorrow morning as originally planned. Yes! There is NO way we would have been able to deliver them tomorrow morning as it is now snowing heavily. Truly an end of another era for us saying “Goodbye” to the last of our Large Black breeding stock. Like Richard said yesterday after loading them, “The barn seems strangely empty.” Some of these pigs had the greatest personalities so like losing a dog BUT we now look forward to the next stage in our lives.

They are expecting 8-12″ of snow here this evening but of course may not get that much. We will hopefully be able to move on from here mid morning tomorrow once all the roads have been ploughed. The plan is to take the kids to Chocolate World in Hershey, PA for the afternoon.

Tonight we all need some a good night’s rest. The kids are all bathed & sleeping and it will not be long before Richard & I join them. Driving that distance all in one go is hard work.

Take care,


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