It feels weird

As the pigs move out of here it feels very weird to have a smaller number of “herds” here, meaning less buckets to fill with feed each morning. Richard took a trip to the airport yesterday & then headed up through Kansas City delivering piglets & from there mature pigs in Topeka, KS. He did 689 miles so was a little tired! Although still physically here, all the pigs are now sold. That is just incredible & we are so appreciative. By the New Year everyone will be in their new homes. We will be left with about 4 gilt (girl) feeder pigs which is fine as we still need to eat for the time that we have left here!

We may not be as busy with the pigs but the sheep are now keeping us hopping. Three lambs were born yesterday & eight today! School went out the window when I rescued a ram lamb this morning that was cold. His mama, Daphne, for some reason had not cleaned him off. He was beside another ewe whilst Daphne was busy with her ewe lamb. We all thought he was going to die as he was really cold & having spasms but he was/is a big boy & has made it through the day here beside the fire. He has had a LOT of attention today from three little children so I’m hoping that means he will sleep through the night. Thankfully lambs are not like pigs who need feeding every two hours, lambs can go through the night. Michelle has been feeding him today. Once he is well established on the bottle he will head to a new home – Daphne will not accept him back now. Hannah named him Jingle!

The count so far is 20 lambs of which 15 are ewes! Whoo Hoo! That is fantastic 🙂

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  1. Cynde Nozawa says:

    How many ewes are yet to birth?

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