Visiting some of “our” pig family!

OK, so they are not our pigs anymore but friends of ours have pigs that they purchased from us quite sometime back when we were still ‘playing’ with crossbreeds as well as the purebreds. The pigs have done really well for them but one of them had a bad ear today so we went to check her out. Lily does have some ear mites and her piglets have dragged her down a but so today was weaning day. Hopefully with some rest, good food & some apple cider vinegar in her ear she will soon get better. (This is what her owners decided, not us but we think/hope it will work.) Those big, long ears can cause some problems at times & really not much you can do.


Fun to see all the piglets running around. Due to them all being crosses they have a LOT of color. Sorry the photo isn’t that clear – taken on Richard’s cell phone. We all, including the kids, enjoyed spending some time with them.

Enjoy your weekend,


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