Ready for a day off :)

A busy day here on the farm but at least we were not the ones on the road. Milked the cows first thing & then it was time to cook breakfast. Cooked up 4lbs of bacon, 4lbs of sausage, eggs, beans, hash browns & fresh bread rolls (bread baked last night.) Feeling hungry yet?! Brent & Matt drove all night from OH & arrived just as breakfast was served. Jim & Cynde came up from Arkansas. Yep, they all came for pigs. Richard & I love to entertain & it is always relaxing to be able to talk around the table along whilst eating 🙂

Brent & Matt were the last ones to leave at 12:30pm for their long drive home, we just had a while to sort out some emails, grab some left overs for lunch before the next group arrived. Wayne & Kathy brought some of their kids so our kids were thrilled. They all got to play on the trampoline whilst we took a tour of the farm. Richard had gone to bed as he was on a 24 hour Paramedic shift yesterday & was on a transfer to St Louis all night so by lunchtime he was totally out of it.

The weather was beautiful here today. Can’t quite believe it is Dec 1st & the temps were in the high 60’s! Although alot of the pigs are still here most are now sold. We have just a few left – I think by the New Year they will all be gone.

We had fully anticipated a busy lambing week this week but we were wrong. Poppy had a single ewe on Thursday but that has been it. The girls must be SO uncomfortable & of course it would be really nice if they had them in this warm weather. Supposed to hit 70F tomorrow.

Hope you enjoy your weekend. I am looking forward to some R&R tomorrow.


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  1. Cynde Nozawa says:

    What a wonderful day! Thank you, Liz for a fabulous breakfast! It was great seeing you and Richard and your children again. Your home and farm is so lovelyit makes me sad you won’t still be close but we are excited for you on your NZ adventure! All your livestock looks so good! We had a fine trip home with our three little piggies. They seemed relaxed when we got to the farm and they exited the truck in about 5 min on there own. They seemed pleased withe the green grass in the barn lot. I put out food for them but they were so happy with the grass they wouldn’t touch the grain, hope it doesn’t give them upset stomachs! They discovered our fence is hot wit h a few squeals but they allowed us them give them a bit of a back rub. The little ones are shy but I’m sure they will socialize soon. We are looking forward to coming back soon to get a load of sheep! Thank you!

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