Miss Olivia is still going strong!

olivia 2

Our friend Marcus came home from the hospital yesterday but has still not fully regained his strength. Our friends and us continue to feed the animals. Olivia was one of our favorite pigs when she lived here on the farm. We brought her with us when we moved from Montana to Missouri. She was a young pig then and is still going! (Olivia was born in November 2009 so she is over 5 years old.) She continues to produce amazing piglets and is an awesome mother. She has grown quite a bit since we had her. Marcus and Pat love their pigs and give them plenty of feed 🙂 (Not that she was starving with us, mind you!)

We nearly had a disaster whilst out there this evening though! Daniel forgot a very important farm rule. If a gate is shut that you are opening, shut it behind you after you go through! He ran off to water AZ, the stallion and let the horse follow him thinking he was doing him a favor in being able to get to the water tank. (The water tank is on both sides of the fence and AZ has access on the other side.) Richard and I were busy with other things so had no idea what Daniel had done. When we came back, Daniel made a comment about AZ being over in the other pasture so we asked Daniel if he had left a gate open. Daniel innocently said that no he hadn’t which was technically true because he had shut the gate after filling up the water trough. We finally got it out of him what he had done and then realized we had a problem on our hands as across the fence from the pasture that AZ was now in was another stallion! I am sure pictures of boars fighting when we used to have a boar out of place here on the farm were flashing through Richard’s head. AZ was not interested in listening to us at all! Thankfully his stomach won the battle and when Richard went out shaking a bucket of oats he decided to follow him. Phew! A big potential disaster averted as those two stallions were definitely sizing each other up and “talking”!



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