Nutty Pigs

It is not very often that Richard & I get to see our “piglet babies” grown up in the real as most of the stock we sold was many many miles away. Of course alot of our customers send us photos and we often get phone calls when the girls go into labor. Even as I write this, one of our girls is farrowing over in Kansas & the new owner is nervous & excited but he is there watching the event & knows that he can call for advice if needed.

This past weekend we had the privilege of heading up to the Nutty Pig Farm. Chuck & Janie bought pigs from us way back in the beginning when we were raising both Large Blacks & Red Wattles. They made three trips down here to get the pigs they wanted so it was really nice to not only see them again but also to see the pigs we sold them now grown & producing piglets of their own. Not only that but one of Chuck & Janie’s neighbors, Neville, is from New Zealand & so him & his wife Brenda, came over for lunch & shared alot of “stuff” on New Zealand. Always good to speak to someone who was born & raised there.

Enough talking, time to share some pics. This first one shows Mac, their Large Black boar, out of Hammy & Ginger. It was so nice to see mature pigs not looking too fat. Chuck & Janie have done a great job here – their pigs look great & are in good shape. Obviously with it being winter, things are a little muddy & dirty and they are not out on the main pasture.


Here is one of our RW “babies.”


These pigs are all raised outside with minimal input just like we raised ours. Of course they are fed grain each day but the mamas get to choose where they farrow & are expected to look after their young. This really is the best way to raise pigs – no pampered pets. These pigs are hardy. Chuck & Janie are raising future pork so that is why they have a variety of sizes. That pork is going to be GOOD 🙂

All in all a wonderful day & we wish them all the best in their endeavors.

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  1. The farm and the hut are very well organized and make pigs more comfortable in that environment. Good Going. Keep Posting.

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