Chickies :)

When we returned home the other week from Branson, a red hen had hatched out four chicks, two of which are turkens (naked necks). You can only see three chicks in this picture as the little black one is hiding somewhere. I love to watch therm out with their mama learning how to scratch the ground etc.


One day this week Caleb and Hannah came running in saying there was a chick hatching:


Great excitement! We gave them strict instructions NOT to touch! Hannah came in a few minutes later in a panic as the chick had still not hatched! We had to explain to her that it could take all day but that she was not to interfere. Thankfully she obeyed and so that mama now has 3 chicks and still sitting on more. They are in a dark part of the barn so not able to get a good pic yet.

At the moment we are not getting many eggs at all. Before we went away I was keeping a check on who was setting where and which eggs were which but with going away things got a little confusing. As I do not want to take eggs that are forming chicks (Yuk!) I am just leaving the hens to it. Once the colder weather sets in I will clear out all the eggs and then we will start afresh. We have never had as many hens setting before at one time and I am wondering if it is to do with their age as they are all getting up there in chicken years!

Here is the chick that hatched out first:


He is a big boy now, getting his feathers! Actually I have no clue whether he is a rooster or hen but will call him a he until we discover otherwise 🙂

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