Cheep, cheep, cheep!

I was a couple hours late feeding the chickens this morning as it was absolutely pouring it down! As the chickens roam free, delaying “breakfast” really doesn’t affect them! After throwing out some grain, I went searching for eggs as I usually do and was suddenly conscious of a “cheep, cheep, cheep!” We have several hens setting right now but this sounded louder than a chick under its mother’s wings. Where was the sound coming from? Finally found this lonesome chick (pictured in Hannah’s hands) under a water carrier. (Yes the barn is a mess & is in desperate need of being cleaned out!)


Who was its mother? All but one hen had run off to eat so I gave it to her and she nearly killed it so I grabbed it back quick! My only option at that point was to bring it up to the house. We warmed it up a little, did some more school and then went out to find ‘mama’. Richard thought it might have fallen off the rafters as hens do set up there sometimes. Daniel climbed the ladder but although there was a chicken up there she didn’t seem to be sitting on eggs. Mrs. Black Hen was back on her eggs so decided to see if she would accept the chick. It was SO sweet to watch. I put the chick down in front of her and there was silence for a few seconds. This was followed by them both “talking”to each other and then the chick gradually moved closer and Mrs. Black Hen lifted up her wings to let it go underneath 🙂

Kids have checked on it a couple times today and all seems to be well so we will see. Much better than it being lonely and cheeping like crazy in here!

Take care,


2 Responses to “Cheep, cheep, cheep!”

  1. Diana L. Weldon says:

    Aww. How cute!!

    • liz says:

      Thanks so much Diana 🙂

      It’s now running around with mama. Still no other chicks out there – very strange. Hopefully there will be some companions for him soon.


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