Snow, Ice and Goose Eggs!

With snow on the ground, the ice came. Saturday morning the roads were lethal as the freezing rain came down! It was supposed to warm up and rain but although it warmed up it did not rain. The snow melted and then froze solid again! We quickly shoveled off our patios so the snow wouldn’t freeze on them but everywhere else is still crunchy.


That same morning after feeding our animals I discovered the geese had started laying! Crazy birds! Nice to see though as it does mean that spring is on its way and as the chickens are not laying very much in this cold weather at least we have some eggs to eat so a true blessing. The other joy of the goose eggs is that they don’t freeze and crack like the chicken eggs. Due to the temps being below freezing most of the time right now, the rare chicken egg that the children find has normally frozen and cracked so no good for human consumption. The shell of a goose egg is SO much harder that this doesn’t happen. Everyone wanted one for tea last night. One of those things fried is the size of a mini pizza. That’s a lot of egg, but boy was it good!

Last Thursday whilst picking up Marcus and Pat’s mail, Richard reversed in order to turn back into their driveway and got stuck in a ditch! Oops! On the gravel roads there are ditches on both sides which is no big deal in regular weather but in the snow, it is a different matter. We could not get out! Went and borrowed Marcus’ truck to see if that would work but no use so Marcus got the tractor started whilst we fed the animals. I wish I had had the camera with me as what happened next was worth recording!

As Marcus backed down the road (hill), the tractor started to slip. The kids and I were watching from the top and I saw Richard hastily move out of the way as the tractor started slipping and heading right for the front of the suburban! It just missed! The guys had to pull the suburban out the other way from the rear and then the tractor got stuck in the opposite ditch! Oh no! We were there ages until Marcus finally got it out. Like we said, life is never boring around here.



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