October 1st – Wow!


Hard to believe with temps in the 80’s that it is October 1st today! It is HOT out there and in here but we are going to enjoy it as there are supposed to be thunder storms coming in and the temps are going to drop a little so this may be the last day in the 80’s that we see this year.

I was speaking to my brother in England earlier as it is his birthday today and he was saying that he too was still in shorts as the weather has also been beautiful. He did add that he was the only one though! PLUS they are putting the fire on of an evening to take off the chill. No fire needed here at night yet.


Here are the turkeys still strutting around the farm enjoying the fine weather. Mrs. Turkey, along with her chicks, disappeared whilst we were away at Silver Dollar City in August. The kids say they have seen some feathers down in the woods so I guess we had an unwelcome visitor!

Happy October all,


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