Turkey Mama

As I was calling Hannah and Caleb in for school this morning they came running across the yard yelling, “Chicks! Chicks!”


Mrs. Turkey had ‘disappeared’ a while ago. She had been broody earlier this summer but nothing came of it. Now she has hatched out 6 adorable little chicks. I know they are not turkeys but at least she has done a good job with what she had. We gave all six chicks water and then returned them to their “mama.”


Isn’t it amazing how adoption stories are all around us? Mrs. Turkey did not lay those eggs and they were not even turkey eggs yet she will love and protect them just the same. It makes no difference to her and I am sure if she could talk she would tell them how blessed she is to be their mother. Richard and I feel the same way. We have not physically created and birthed the three children God has given to us thus far but it does not matter. We love them just the same as the ones (Michelle and Michael) that we did create and birth and it will be no different with the next adoption. We are BLESSED!

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  1. pauline says:

    Aw cute where did she find the eggs and what chicks are they ?

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