No alarm clock needed here!


People think that living in the country is quiet and peaceful. Well, it is if you are thinking about lack of traffic BUT as the mornings get lighter the birds get up earlier. No, I’m not talking about the all the small birds that are singing sweetly in the trees! I’m talking about the ones that are LOUD! The whippoorwill is back for the season and although it is not vocal every day it has an annoying habit of “shouting” just as dawn is breaking! I am not a heavy sleeper so after a few of its calls I am awake.

This morning it was the geese. I have no idea what was upsetting them but they started honking at a very early hour. Yes it was daylight but…… It wasn’t continuous, just every minute or so to keep me awake.

I am sure you are smiling by now and thinking that the next bird I am going to mention is the rooster or roosters as is the case around here. Actually although they certainly do crow they rarely wake me up. Nope, the next birds on the list are the turkeys or to be precise the two toms! Some folks may think turkeys are lacking in the brain department, especially the toms but there is something there. I swear the animals on this farm know where our bedroom is. The two toms like to do their “drumming” on the patio outside our window. They are not quiet and nor do they just do it once. Sometimes I will watch them and it is as if their beady eyes are looking right at me, telling me it is time to get up and feed them breakfast.

LOL! I really am not complaining but just musing about life where most people imagine quiet and solitude!

Darn birds!

The picture above was taken this morning after a very heavy downpour. This is actually Daniel’s fire pit! Yes, the geese are very happy to adopt it as their new pond until it dries up! Out of the five goslings hatched there are only three left. One was trapped under a tarp whilst we are away and not sure how the other one died. There are only two pictured but the other one is hiding in the grass behind mama so can’t be seen. Here are two coming in for breakfast a little wet:


One of the goslings is always lagging behind the others OR off independently hence always late! Funny how they have different personalities even at this age!




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