Happy Cows

I love to see contented animals out in the pasture – ones that have plenty of grass to eat & do not look stressed. Sadly today, due to some of the world’s intensive farming methods, that is not always the case. However this week as we have walked many footpaths shared with the animals, all the animals have just looked at us as we have passed them & carried on eating, looking very content. I guess they are so used to people.


These milk cows were not only relaxed but they were also clean! I bet their milk is good out on this green pasture all day! SO many dairies, keep their cows shut up OR in filthy conditions that it is not wonder that the milk has to be ultra pasteurized, stripping it of all its goodness, to enable it to be sold to the public. YUK! Give me good clean ‘real’ milk any day 🙂

On another note I do have to say that public footpaths have got to be a farmer’s nightmare over here in the UK. There is absolutely NO bio-security. Folks are walking from one field to the next, many times going from farm to farm. Richard & I have said several times that we would not want any “right of ways” through any land that we owned but over here if you own land that has a footpath on it you are not allowed to block it off!


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