Drying up Lady Longlashes

We think (hope) that Lady is pregnant & due to calf in July sometime. She was with Douglas for several months before we sold him so no reason why she should not be pregnant BUT time will tell. We have been wrong before! However, it is always advised to dry a cow up at least 2 mths before her due date & with us getting ready to go to England I want to make sure that she is all dried up before we leave. In fact this is another reason that the trip to England is working out so well – it is a natural break for Lady & us so perfect timing.

Lady has milked really well for us this lactation. The milking machine has really made a difference & I’m sure Lady appreciates the ease of it better than my hands. She has been giving us about 3 1/2 gallons each morning which is fabulous but it means it will take a while to dry her up. When drying a cow up you should start by missing one day, milk out, miss two days, milk out & then see how she goes. Her body will gradually adjust to less demand. She was NOT happy with me yesterday as it was the first day I did not milk her. Poor thing this morning was absolutely huge. Look at all the milk in the pail:


I filled 2 gallon jars for us to drink, made 2 gallons into Mozzarrella cheese & there was still about 3/4 of a gallon left for the chickens! Wow! I will not milk her again until Monday unless I see a problem or she is too uncomfortable.

Yes it means we will have a short period here without milk but Lady needs the break to grow that calf. She always has big babies.

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