Cows of all shapes and sizes

Sunday was Daniel’s 14th birthday! Incredible! Like Richard said, we have never regretted one day of our decision to adopt him. He is very dear to us and growing up to be a great young man. The weather was nice enough for us to play cards outside and Daniel won! Richard has been letting him drive around the fields recently. (Yes, it will only be another year before he gets his driver’s permit!) After cards off they went, coming back saying a new calf had been born which of course I naturally wanted to see.

As I went out to the pastures I was struck by how many cows we actually had out there – over 30! Bull calf (top picture) was actually a few days old. Several of these cows are going to be first time mamas. Another one was born yesterday but I haven’t been out to see that one yet. These cows are not ours, rather belonging to a local dairy hence mostly Holstein with some Jersey mixed in. The original plan had been to move all the expectant heifers back to the dairy but that plan changed so they are all staying here now. There are even some newly weaned calves here:

Daniel had a good day and was excited to get some new CD’s to add to his/our collection. (We enjoy most of the same music!)

Reduced the price of the farm again this week as we would really like to be out of here by spring. Time will tell!



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  1. Judy Zea says:

    Happy Birthday Daniel! You are growing up quite quickly!
    Jim and Judy Zea

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