Millie & Tilly!

A little late with this announcement…..


Millie had a heifer calf on Monday! (Feb 25th) Tilly is a sweet little thing & of course it is very exciting that she is a heifer. However that is as far as the excitement goes. We caught Millie on Monday and Tilly & her came up to the milking area so that we could milk Millie. All was fine.

Tuesday it was snowing like mad & Millie ran off down the field with Tilly as soon as I went to get her. I was not about to go chasing after a cow in the snow so left her to it.

Wednesday she ran off again but then left Tilly sleeping somewhere so when I put out hay I was able to catch her & get her milked. That was the last day! Since then, as soon as she sees us she high tails it down the field! AAGH! The weather as been miserable here this week – I don’t think we have ever had a week like it before. It has snowed every day, albeit lightly & the sun has not shone since Monday with temps hovering around freezing. It finally peaked its head out this afternoon & boy did it feel good even though we only hit a high of 34. I know, we have lost that northern blood now that we have been here in the south for a couple years! LOL!

Thankfully Millie does not have a huge bag like alot of Jerseys. She really is great as a family milk cow. If she did we would have had to catch her somehow. As it is we are going to wait for the weather to warm up as I have no desire to be milking two cows in this cold. We will then have to take Tilly from her. We cannot waste time chasing the cow each morning. At times like this it is very easy to see where the phrase “Stupid Cow” comes from! We will put Tilly in the pen here by the barn & let Millie in twice a day to feed her as I also do not want to be bottle feeding a calf either when her mother has perfectly good milk. We just want to share some of it!

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