More snow!

With more snow falling yesterday it was another white day outside that greeted us this morning. Looked pretty though!


It actually got above freezing this afternoon and with the sun shining it truly was a beautiful day. Here are Carly and Boris, now six weeks old. They have done really well. We are going to sell them as we do not want to be bothered with trying to keep them separate from their parents. Just not worth the hassle for two lambs! Cybele is absolutely huge but no lambs yet.


Michelle has been in York for the last couple weeks but today she moved south to Banbury in Oxfordshire. This is a part of the country Richard and I have never been although Richard does have an aunt that does not live too far from there. Michelle is going be there about a month helping lamb out 200 ewes! The people were looking for someone with experience so when Michelle told them all she had done with us in the past they told her she had the “job”! She arrived to quads being born so they have started lambing a little earlier than planned.



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