The kittens are still here!

First photo by Hannah, the next three by Caleb.


Bustop and Brownie have wangled their way into everyone’s hearts! Hannah was originally going to call the black and white cat Snow White but then Richard told her it was a boy! Bustop was the name of a cat in a story she read in case you’re wondering where that name came from. He is VERY friendly, always wanting attention.


Brownie, a girl, is not quite so forthright but still loves to cuddle and purr. They are outdoor cats and so yesterday morning we had out first present of a dead shrew on our doorstep! Not bad seeing how young they are. If they keep the mice population down here I will be happy!


Both cats are completely fearless. They do not run from loud noises nor do they move if sat under the car and it starts. Needless to say we have to be careful to make sure they are not under there when we want to go somewhere.


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2 Responses to “The kittens are still here!”

  1. Jessie Pomeroy says:

    Oh good, I was thinking about them today and wondered if they stuck around or not! How fun for the kids, and honestly I love outdoor cats. 🙂

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