Iris moves to a new home!


An end of an era for us today. Richard came off of a 72 hour shift this morning so when he came home he went straight to bed. Those 72’s are rough! This afternoon he took the tractor out in the pastures to see if he could find the ram. Nothing! We then needed to butcher the injured wether. Did not want to waste the meat and knew he was not going to recover. Sadly we soon discovered that his injured leg was badly infected and with a chance that the infection had spread through his system all we could do was build a funeral pyre! (Don’t need to be encouraging the coyotes.)

Poor Iris was now alone 🙁 Sheep are herd animals so I called a neighbor who had purchased sheep from us in the past to see if she would take her. We just wanted a good home for her as she is an old gal and this week has been extremely stressful on her. Thankfully she was home and came right down for her. Iris has gone to a good home and hopefully she will continue to be productive for several more years.

To our surprise the neighbor offered us one of our wethers to butcher so we did end up with some lamb in the fridge today! What a blessing!

As for the Blue Heeler, we called a local pound today but they will not take him. I have now put him on Craigslist to see if anyone will claim him. After the sheep were gone we let him off his chain. The first thing he did was go chase chickens! Naughty boy! Richard, however, shot a couple rounds to scare him – not at him but around him. He soon left them alone. Maybe that will cure him of his naughty habit. He is such a sweet dog most of the time!

SO we now have no sheep. A week ago we would certainly not have predicted that! As one era ends, is another going to begin? Is our next adoption just around the corner?!



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