St. Louis Zoo

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If you are ever in the area a visit to the St. Louis Zoo is DEFINITELY worth it. It is FREE to get in although you do have to pay for parking. Caleb and I also paid for the Adventure Pass which at time of writing is $14.95. That allows you access to the 4D Theater, Train, Carousel, Stingrays, Sea Lion show and Dinoroarus. (You can purchase individual tickets for these attractions if preferred.) With the wrist band you can do/go on the attractions as many times as you wish.

The zoo is well laid out with different areas. The train ride is a definite must as it takes you in areas that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to access. The 4D Theater movie that was showing was quite comical. I think our two favorite though were the stingrays and Sea Lion show.

Our show featured Mandy, a 10 year old Californian sea lion. Caleb had never seen a sea lion show before and I think the last time I saw one was in Majorca over 25 years ago when Michelle and Michael were little!

As for the stingrays, this was definitely a fun experience. Caleb thought this stingray was dead until I touched it and it moved!

I don’t think I have ever touched a stingray before.

We did a LOT of walking yesterday but it was worth it. An orangutan had us all laughing! (Didn’t get any pics of its antics.) It knew it had an audience and was really showing off. It even played dead! A grizzly bear had one toddler screaming as it went up to the glass and snapped at her!

As with all these kinds of places the food prices were HIGH! Not only that, the quality was not always that good. You are allowed to bring in your own food and drink which is FANTASTIC! We had brought in drinks but had to buy food. Would not do that again. Next time I will drag a cooler around with us instead of a backpack!


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