Lone Elk Park

Across the road from the World Bird Sanctuary is Lone Elk Park. If you are in the area you need to visit BOTH! Lone Elk Park is a drive through park. There are some picnic areas in certain spots but we just drove through or at least we attempted to! In the bison area, they were in NO rush! They decided that sauntering up the road for quite a distance was ideal afternoon stroll. As we were waiting at one point for them to move on, the raccoon pictured, decided to poke its head out. Caleb took these pictures.

Whilst there are elk and white tailed deer on the park we did not see any. It was mid afternoon when we were there and so they were likely resting in the woods.



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  1. Lynda says:

    Lone Elk park is such a wonderful place to visit I. The fall. Sometimes the bison are sitting on the road and you just have to wait until they decide to move. Glad you got to visit. We live just a few miles from there. If you get a chance powder valley is another free park in the area that is fun.

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