A blessed sight :)

You may never have been excited at the sight of a door but let me tell you, to have that door in place is an amazing feeling. Earlier this week, with all the delays, we really wondered if we were going to have to postpone the opening. Yes, it was that bad! BUT we persevered… Actually it was Richard who said, “Let’s wait until the morning and see what happens.” The door was finally finished today and the building and fire inspections went REALLY well! (This picture was taken yesterday BEFORE completely finished.) We are SO thankful! It is still going to be a last minute process as the fire inspector wants to see the store fully stocked. We knew this BUT of course we couldn’t bring the stock in until the door was finished! Not to mention the mess after mess that has been around this week. The dust has been HORRENDOUS! I have cleaned three times and each day come back to more mess!

Last night we worked until 11:15 getting everything ready for the inspections. At one point Richard was up on a tall ladder – the ceiling in the warehouse is 12ft high and the ladder is 10ft. I was holding wire whilst Richard was trying to push the wire along the drop ceiling. He over reached and I heard a yell. Praising the Lord that I was there to quickly grab the ladder. Richard instinctively held onto the dropped ceiling. All of you out there likely know how flimsy a drop ceiling is! Yes, it bent and one of the tiles broke! Thankfully the bad tiles were being replaced today and so in that way it was perfect timing 😉

SO with all the above said, we are very nearly ready for opening day! We have a few more signs to put up and the truck load of goodies to bring in. Thursday is going to be a GOOD day, finally seeing the fruit of all our labor.

Enjoy your weekend,


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