Nope, we are NOT moving!

LOL! Are you wondering what in the world we are up to renting a Penske truck?! Earlier this year I shared with you how we had opened two booths in town. Those booths have performed WAY better than we ever expected. Approximately 3 weeks ago we were presented with an opportunity to EXPAND! With that in mind, we knew we needed somewhere bigger to be able to sort and price stock etc.

You know us, once we set our mind to something we go for it! Where was the perfect place for us? We really wanted somewhere close by as obviously I am still homeschooling Caleb and we still only have the one roadworthy vehicle. (The golf cart is not licensed to go on the road, and nor would I want to drive it on the roads in Branson during the main tourist season!) Richard, Caleb and I went to view a property close to here. Whilst that was not right, during that meeting another place was mentioned that we did not know was available. As we stood in that place the next day, I just knew without a shadow of a doubt that this was where we were supposed to be. It didn’t take us long to sign the rental agreement and head out in the Penske truck for stock and shelving! Here is the space empty! It is just under 1000sq ft. (I wish I had a picture of what it looks like for you now but haven’t taken one!) It is close by and we can drive the golf cart back and forth meaning that I can still get there when Richard is working.

Just under 1000sq ft may not sound that big to you but starting from scratch, I can tell you that that is a LOT of space to fill with product! We are not done yet and still have more display furniture to bring in. NO complaints though as, once again, the number of sales has surprised us. Let me backtrack a little and share what else has been going on. We have been challenged recently to be even bigger givers than we have been in the past. The week following a gift that we gave, Richard and I were served with papers from FSD (Family Services) informing us that we were going to have to start paying monthly support for Hannah. Yes, I know it doesn’t seem fair as she is where she is due to her behavior and not ours but….. This could have really got Richard and I down but as we talked about it, we decided not to fight it but to agree to pay it. We handed it over to the Lord and knew He would provide. Then along came the new business opportunity! Obviously this had some expense in setting it up, however, as Richard shared with folks today, just yesterday we made enough sales in one day to cover the monthly payment for Hannah! God is FAITHFUL!

So, we are now even busier than we were, but we know we are exactly where we should be and doing exactly what we should be doing! I am “dragging” Michelle in to help me this week get more product out on display 🙂


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