Spring has sprung in the Ozarks :)

Evenin’ all! I missed taking pics of the Wild Pear trees in blossom. They were beautiful but then a strong wind and cold weather blew them away. However the Red Buds, being later bloomers, are now out in full color and looking gorgeous. The Dogwoods are now coming out. It’s good to be out in the spring sunshine 🙂

Tuesday was voting day so we decided to head to the Tracks as well for the first time this season. Here is Caleb in a bumper car:

What else has been happening you ask? Life! A simple four letter word that pretty much conjures up what’s going on here 🙂 Richard and I are still busy with business – website and liquidation. Not much paramedic work for Richard at this time so we’re enjoying being together more as a family. Daniel is still busy working for Maintenance here on park. He’s more than happy that the warmer weather is here! Hannah doesn’t change much. One of us continues to visit her every two weeks and talk with her through the week. Caleb bought himself a new fishing rod and did manage to catch a turtle but no fish yet. He is glad to have friends back on park once in a while to play with now that spring is here.

Trust you are all doing well. It is good to see Branson busy again with visitors after the “silence” of last spring.

Take care,


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