Entertaining the children on a budget with no vehicle.

After 1 1/2 days around the hotel we were all ready to get out today but where to go? Caught a taxi downtown to the Chinese buffet which was very reasonable & tasted good. From there we walked about 2 miles! First we hit the Salvation Army Thrift store which was not very exciting, then we had to get some fuses from AutoZone for the Cooler. After that we found the Goodwill store (had looked up the address before leaving the hotel) & that was the best find of the day. They were having a 50% off sale on toys, books etc. Carina had chewed the new basket I had bought on the way out to California so I was able to replace that, the kids got some really nice, like new, hardback books, I bought a “Welcome Friends” plaque for the house along with a matching “mail” holder as I am fed up with mail being strewn all over the kitchen counter and the kids each got a toy. Price? $14.88! You can’t beat that.

We then walked across to Walmart to get supplies to stock up the cooler. Breakfast is good here at the hotel but I still only want to eat out once a day to conserve money. After that we started back up the road, Caleb took a really long nap in his pushchair & we had Smoothies at McDonalds where Daniel & Hannah played with the other kids there. Caught the taxi back to the hotel as not only were we all tired but the road the hotel is on has no side walks so dangerous for walking any distance along.

The sun had come out & so we all had a swim & now everyone is sleeping. Yee Haa!

For those of you in the path of Hurricane Irene this weekend my thoughts are with you as you either evacuate, if close or hunker down for rain, wind & no power. PLEASE PLEASE be careful – no foolish antics & take the time to prepare. It could be a long few days for you. For those of us not in Irene’s path, let’s count our blessings & pray for those that are.

Take care,


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